2017 TRIP - MAY 3 - 6


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CAF…, Inc. was founded in 2000 as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation and exists for the sole purpose of serving the students of the Blue Ridge School District.

This service is currently displayed through the provision of an annual four day trip to Washington D.C. for the sixth grade class of the Blue Ridge Middle School. In order to facilitate this trip, the members of the Board of Directors volunteer their time and work collaboratively with others in the community to raise funds to pay for the trip and make all arrangements for staffing, transportation, housing, meals, special appearances, ticket procurement, first aid and safety / security for the trip.

The By-Laws that follow in this document reflect the standards of performance set forth by the Board of Directors to insure the highest level of integrity in their performance of their duties. The board of Directors recognizes the long standing tradition of the sixth grade trip in the Blue Ridge School District and offers their sincere appreciation to those who began the tradition in the 1960s and all those who worked tirelessly over the years between the tripís inception and the formation of CAF…, Inc. It is the sincere intent of the Board of Directors to continue this tradition. We believe that the formalization of the trip mission into a structured organizational format provides a vehicle for the trip and other educational adventures to be provided to students of Blue Ridge in perpetuity.

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